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Suspects unsure how baby died in Pima County

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Initial interviews with several people now charged in connection to the death of a six-month-old girl in southern Arizona show that they all had different explanations for what was wrong with Wyllow.

The child's mother, Kylie Brewer, spoke with investigators at her home in Pima County, according to interview logs obtained from the Pima County Sheriff's Department.

Brewer told deputies that the last time she used drugs was on Tuesday Feb. 14, several days before Wyllow was found unresponsive. She told them she's not addicted to drugs, but uses them to help with scoliosis, slipped discs and chronic pain, according to the report.

When a third deputy arrives at the home, one tells the other that Brewer hasn't asked about Wyllow or mentioned wanting to be at the hospital.

The report reads: the "mom has no emotion, no remorse."

Deputies asked Jon-Paul Bogdanowich, Brewer's boyfriend, why he was telling people he felt like the baby's death was his fault.

He said he's busy working so he's not home as much as he would like, according to the PCSD interview. Bogdanowich said he treated Wyllow like she was his own child, even though she wasn't.

The interview shows that he noticed bruises and scratches on the baby. He told deputies that Wyllow did it to herself in her sleep, but deputies told him that wasn't possible, according to the interview.

He told them he didn't get her any help because Wyllow wasn't his child, so he could only make suggestions on treatment.

Kaylie Gossett, who would babysit Wyllow, said she noticed the infant's arm appeared dislocated when she showed up one day. Brewer told deputies that she popped her daughter's shoulder back into place instead of going to the hospital, according to the interviews.

Gossett said she noticed Wyllow wasn't acting like herself and she didn't have much of a voice. She told deputies that she gave Wyllow baby Tylenol with her mother's permission.

She said she told Bogdanowich and Brewer that they should get medical treatment for the baby. She left the house around the time that Bogdanowich found Wyllow unresponsive and Brewer told him to call 911, according to the reports.

All three, and Brianna Raidy, are now charged with Wyllow's death.

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