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Former federal agent talks Celis investigation

Isabel Celis Isabel Celis
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson police have not released any more information on the case of Isabel Celis, following a news conference by TPD Chief Chris Magnus on Friday, March 31.

Tucson News Now reached out to a former federal agent, who was hired by the Celis family to investigate her disappearance in 2012.

Jerry “Kelly” Snyder has more than 25 years experience in law enforcement. He was hired by the family two days after Isabel went missing.

On Friday, Magnus said about finding the remains, “There has been an ongoing process of many different searches and this was not happenstance, but I can't get into greater detail."

Snyder said that statement strongly suggests that they have a suspect or someone who provided them with the information about the location of the remains. He thinks TPD investigators are developing leads and are going over old case information, to help them focus on a suspect or suspects in this case.

At the beginning of his investigation for the Celis family, Snyder spent at least six hours a day on the case. Snyder still gets tips on the case and works follow-up and closes those leads or tips.

Snyder runs an organization called The Find me Group, one of its main goals is to find missing children.

Snyder theorized that the type of person that may have done this to Isabel may have severe mental issues.

"You don't take a small child and dispose of a child or murder a child without it having some kind of deep mental disability," Snyder said. "Whoever did this it was not a one-time thing, I don't believe. I believe this individual has done this once or twice before this."

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