Fake kidnapping phone scam

Fake kidnapping phone scam

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It starts with a simple phone call. One that police are warning could cost you thousands of dollars, if you don't pay attention to the signs.

According to the Tucson Police Department, they have received several calls in the last few days about this phone scam. It's called the fake kidnapping scam.

The scammer will call and have someone pretend to be a family member in distress. Police told Tucson News Now that usually it's a family member you haven't heard from in awhile.

While the fake family member is on the phone, the scammer gets on the line and demands money. One of the victims says, they asked for $5,000. Police say, this type of scam plays on the victim's emotion. It makes you feel that you have to do something to help out your loved one.

Phone scam red flags to listen for:

  1. The caller demands money right away.
  2. They ask you to wire the money or buy Pre-paid cards.
  3. Police also suggest that you don't volunteer any personal information to the caller.

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