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Victim of phone scam talks

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Can you imagine having a loved one call your phone crying and screaming for help? It would send most people into a panic.

Tucson police say, that’s what the scammers want to do. Get to your emotions and then use that to steal money from you. The latest phone scam is called the Fake Kidnapping.

On Thursday, Tucson New Now was able to speak with one of the victims of this scam. They told us it started with a phone call. A mother and daughter from the east-side, remember the call very well.

The daughter answered the phone and heard what she thought was her sister. She panicked and gave the phone to her mother. The con artist tells the mother, if she doesn’t give him $5,000 he’s going to kill her daughter.

The victim told the caller she didn’t have the money and could only give about $500. But she would have to call a friend to get someone to loan it to her.

While all this was going, the woman’s other daughter called a friend to see if her sister was Ok. Turns out her sister wasn’t in danger. The mother than just hung up the phone on the scammer.

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The two called the experience with this phone call terrifying.

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