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Syrian-American speaks out at protest

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Protesters gathered in downtown Tucson on Friday night for a “Hands off Syria” rally where demonstrators voiced their worry over the United States military strike on Syria and the potential consequences.

Tucson News Now spoke to a Syrian-American Muslim who said her family lives a short distance from where the chemical bombs were dropped by the Syrian government. Thankfully they were not injured. But she said the videos they’ve sent her of the violence is absolutely horrifying.

“My cousins who go to the university get shot at while walking to school. It’s definitely like living in terror,” the woman said.

The Syrian-American asked us to protect her identity because of her fear of retaliation. Her family in Syria just had their phones disconnected and she said the government is monitoring their email exchanges.

She showed up at the “Hands off Syria” protest where folks held signs that said “stop the bombing” and "war is not the answer.”

“The gassing of those children and families is horrible but us going and bombing and adding more fuel to the fire is not going to help,” protester, Eduardo Quintana said.

Some protesters said they worry the U.S. Military strike could be interpreted by the Syrian government as an act of war.

“This could be the beginning of I don’t know what. Do we want nuclear wars?” protester, Lauren Asrael said.

But for the Syrian-American, she purposely came to the rally in opposition to the protesters to tell them “hands-off” by the U.S. is not the solution.

“It is genocide. People are dying just like we’ve seen in the past with the Holocaust, with Rwanda – when we sit back and do nothing people die. We can’t just say hands off and it’s not our problem.”

We asked her if she’s in support of President Trump’s order of the U.S. Missile attack on the Syrian airbase. She said it’s a complicated situation but she believes his response was too extreme.

“I think it was just for show to show that he has the guts to stand up to Bashar al-Assad but I don’t think it made any progress.”

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