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Residents react to Attorney General's US-Mexico Tour

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Attorney General Jeff Sessions toured the US-Mexico border Tuesday and unveiled new approaches regarding prosecution of undocumented immigrants.

Residents of Tumacacori and Tubac said they have mixed feelings about this administration's approach towards immigration.

All the residents Tucson News Now spoke to agreed on one thing.

Residents said they're seeing a lot less undocumented immigrants passing through this area than they used to about 10 years ago. Some residents said the immigrants used to walk in their yards, come up to their houses and ask them for food and water on a regular basis.

One resident said dozens used to wait in line to use the payphone in Tumacacori, which used to be the only payphone outside of Nogales.

However, everyone had a different idea as to why they're seeing less foot traffic.

One Tumacacori resident said the decline is in part due to the fact that more agents are visible in the area now. She also said there needs to be tougher penalties for those who cross illegally, something Attorney General Jeff Sessions talked about during his border tour.

Other residents said the foot traffic has moved closer to the mountains now. 

They also said people are going to find ways to cross into the U.S. no matter what policy or the amount of man power along the border.

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