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New VA website allows veterans to check out access, quality of care

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

If you're a veteran and want to use the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System, or any VA, you can find out about wait times and quality of care on a new website.

The VA has been making special efforts to improve in the wake of scandals over wait times that started with its facility in Phoenix.

Southern Arizona VA Group Practice Manager Steve Sample gave Tucson News Now a short tour of the website.

You type in the state or zip code, and you can learn about any VA medical center, including the one here in Tucson.

"If you wanted to look at some of the type of care, you could select mental health, women's health, audiology, cardiology -- so some of the specialty care services that we provide -- and also see how long it takes to get in there," Sample said.

The website features ways to look at access to care and quality of care at VA hospitals and clinics all over Arizona or anywhere else the VA has facilities.

The VA said it's about increasing transparency and it's a way to help the VA see where improvements are needed.

"We think it's an opportunity for us to share with the veterans and the public how we're doing and also hold us accountable to the stakeholders to say, 'Hey, here's how our access is and here's how the quality is at the Tucson VA,'" Sample said. 

Sylvia Smith is an Air Force Veteran and a volunteer at the Tucson VA.

"I'm all for that, transparency, especially in health care for veterans. Wonderful. We're all for that, I think, Most of us are because it's important to us to get good health care," she said.

"My parents are both veterans, so I would definitely encourage it for them because anything that makes their process easier, anything that can help them," Tucsonan Jerald Haggard said.

There's a tutorial online, so veterans can learn more about how the website works.

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