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Tucson Fire Department sees uptick in bee calls

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As the weather continues to warm up and plants begin to bloom, Tucson Fire says they're seeing an increase in bee calls.

Tucson Fire Captain Barrett Baker said bee calls are something they see an increase in every April, and it has the department issuing a warning to stay away. 

Last April, they received 95 bee calls.

Since March 20, they've responded to 38.

Baker said the majority of the calls they respond to involved transient bees, which mean they only stay in the area for about a day.

He said those swarms are pretty safe.

It is the more aggressive swarms he is worried about.

Baker said if someone feels one or two bees start to sting, that is a warning to get out of the area quickly.

“It's going to be terrible because the bees are going to be everywhere, hundreds and thousands of bees are going to be getting you in the face, the eyes, ears, nose, so if you can cover your face,” he said. “That is the number one thing you can do if a swarm is attacking you.”

In the past here in Tucson, there have been people attacked by hundreds of bees and even dogs killed by a swarm.

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That is an outcome Baker is trying to avoid.

“We don’t want to see people attacked by bees, but when you are talking about 90 swarms across the city with a majority of those being transient, we are going to see one or two of those where a person is attacked or an animal is attacked," he said. "We are trying to prevent that as often as possible.”

Baker said anyone attacked by bees should get inside immediately and call 911.

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