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Tucson Wildlife Center preps for influx of animals after fire at wildlife sanctuary

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Tucson Wildlife Center is seeking help from the community after a fire destroyed an animal sanctuary inside a home on Tucson's northwest side.

Earlier this month, Wildlife Rehab Northwest burned down, killing dozens of animals.

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The rehab was home to several animals including rabbits, owls, falcons and raccoons. Thirty birds died alone. 

Despite volunteers tirelessly working to rebuild, the rehab won't be opening its doors anytime soon, leaving only one wildlife center left in southern Arizona to take in any rescue animals.

The Tucson Wildlife Center is expected to handle at least 500 more animals this summer because of the fire.

“When we found out about the fire we drove right over. It was very sad.," said Lisa Bates, founder of Tucson Wildlife Center. "For the first couple of days it was just shock. A fire like that is devastating. Then the second thought is, we are going to have to cover for a while if not permanently.”

Now they're looking for more volunteers to help with the extra intake.

“April, May and June is the start of the spring rush for us; June is our busiest month. We are getting really busy right now,” Bates said.

Normally, the center helps around 3,000 animals a year, but volunteers believe this year they will pass 3,500.

To find out how to volunteer, click here: http://bit.ly/2nYRhmt

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