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New bill would ban teens texting and driving

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SB 1080 is now sitting on the desk of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.  He has five days to sign it or not.
The bill, if signed could change the way you see teens drive around the state and here in Pima County. It would ban drivers under 18 that have a permit or graduated driver’s license, from calling, texting or using an electronic device while driving.

Tucson News Now spoke to two students from Ace Charter High School. David Barceo, a senior, and Eddie Valdez, a junior at the school about the new bill. 

Both are under 18 and have very little experience behind the wheel. That’s the target group for the bill. Both admitted that it is hard not to look at their phone when they get a text or a phone call. 

They tell us, the new bill would change their driving behavior.

The bill right now sits on the desk of Governor Ducey. If he signs it, it would go into effect in July of next year.

In addition to this new bill, there is also an app created by a local man that could also make a difference in teens texting and driving. 

David Hazan said his app, called "Down for the Count" could help stop this dangerous behavior for teens. It rewards teen drivers and passengers for staying off their phone while in the car driving or riding.

It’s pretty simple, get in the car turn on the app and hit start. During this time, the driver/passenger can’t use their phone for a text, a phone call or to open up another app. Once at their destination, hit stop to end the trip.

If a they text or answer a call during the drive they lose points, but if they focus on the road and not the phone, they will get points towards a gift card reward.

Hazan told Tucson News Now that he is in favor of SB 1080, but more needs to be done.

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