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TSA asking truckers to be vigilant

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A new TSA report obtained by KOLD News 13 is warning truck drivers, rental agencies, and truck stops to be "vigilant" in light of 17 truck rammings world wide which have claimed 173 lives.

The report does not say there is any known threat or heightened alert, but offers a litany of countermeasures it wants drivers and others to be aware of.

"I think we do most of this stuff," said long time driver Mike Chadwick, who has put 480,000 miles on his 18 wheeler since 2015. "This is pretty much common sense."

It wants to reinforce drivers the importance of "see something, say something."

21-year veteran Marisco Escala says that's something he already takes seriously.

"Just by looking at them, you can tell if they're a truck driver and getting into someone else's truck," Escala said. "You know, the body vibe."

In its summary, the report says "no community, large or small, rural or urban, is immune to attacks."

Vehicle Ramming Guidance 5-4-17 by Tucson News Now on Scribd

It urges caution around large crowds and parades, which have been the target in Europe. A driver in a stolen truck killed 86 people and injured 484 in Nice, France in 2016 during a parade.

One person was killed in an ramming incident with a car in Columbus, Ohio late last year.

What the report does not mention is the vigilance needed at truck stops, especially those catering to 18 wheelers, which Chadwick says pack a lot of punch.

"Right now, there are a hundred trucks here,"Chadwick said referring to the Triple TTT truck stop on Interstate 10 southeast of Tucson. "Half the guys are asleep making them vulnerable."

He says it would make it easy for someone to steal a truck if they had bad intentions. Others said they had heard about the report and as a result are taking a bit more precaution.

"My key is right here in my pocket," said one of those drivers as he headed into the restaurant.

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