Mother's Day at The Melting Pot: Dark & Dulce

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Every Monday we're in the kitchen for our What's for Lunch segment.

Today we have Philip Gwerder and Diane Valle from The Melting Pot.

You can surprise mom with this sweet recipe for Mother's Day.

Dark & Dulce
Amount Ingredient
1.5 oz (w) Dark Chocolate Mixture
0.5 oz (w) Dulce de Leche
3 shakes Sea Salt (coarse grind)

Amount Ingredient
3 oz (w) Dark Chocolate Mixture
1 oz (w) Dulce de Leche
6 shakes Sea Salt (coarse grind)

1. Sanitize and dry all utensils before use.
2. Add dark chocolate mixture to liner, using a digital scale to weigh ingredients.
3. Add dulce de leche to the chocolate and place a long-handled teaspoon in the liner. Do not stir.
4. Place the liner in the steam well for a minimum of 2 minutes before giving to the server.

Place a slotted shaker of the coarse-grind sea salt on the set-up tray.

1. Place pot on cook top, turn to HIGH or 15 and present dessert plate.
2. Using a long-handled teaspoon, stir the chocolate three to five times to mix the dulce de leche into the chocolate thoroughly.
3. Using the shaker, sprinkle sea salt over the top of the fondue.
4. Using the long-handled teaspoon, fold sea salt into the fondue three to five times. Leave the salt shaker at the table for guests to add more to their preference.
5. Turn cook top to LOW or 5 and give reminders.

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