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KOLD INVESTIGATES: Saving your receipts can get you cash back

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Two local savvy shoppers said they've saved serious cash over the last few years by saving their store receipts and using certain apps. 

Kyle James, founder and savings guru of www.ratherbeshopping.com, said saving money like these women do is a no-brainer and it's easier than ever thanks to apps you can download on your phone. 

“With very little time or effort, you can scan that receipt with your smartphone and you can get free money back," James said. 

All you need are a phone, the right apps, and store receipts. 

Savings In Action

It sounds too good to be true, which is why we put the Ibotta app to the test.

Sherry Edmonds, a local shopper, went into a store and bought four items for total of $13.78. She scanned the barcode on each item and took a picture of the receipt. 

Within seconds of pressing the button, she found out she was getting $2.25 back. Edmonds said she uses the app a couple of times per week and saves about $3 to $4 each time.

Ibotta users are able to take out the money or purchase a gift card once the total reaches $20. 

Edmonds said she's been using this app for more than a year and has saved $110.50.

Ibotta works with a long list of stores and websites, but there are apps specific to certain stores. 

Michelle Cross, another local savvy shopper, said the Walmart Savings Catcher is her app of choice. 

The app works the same way as Ibotta.

Cross said she does her normal grocery shopping and then scans the barcode at the bottom of her receipt. Cross has been using this app for the past two or three years and estimates it has helped her save between $300 and $400. 

Both Cross and Edmonds said receipts are like cash when it comes to these apps.

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