Thoughts for Papa Summerset

Thoughts for Papa Summerset

Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - When Robert Summerset woke up early Wednesday morning, he felt sick. Had some chest pains. Small in terms of intensity but big enough to cause him to turn to his wife Cathy and suggest they head to the hospital. Good thing too because, as it turned out, the father of former Mountain View Marana star athlete turned Arizona Wildcat high jumper Justice Summerset had suffered a slight heart attack.

Consider the timing.

On Monday, Justice leaves for Eugene, Oregon where he'll jump in the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships later next week. The original plan was for Robert and sister Ashley to take a road trip up to Eugene and watch him compete. Now, with Dad in the hospital for however long, health has become the top priority, even if Dad himself may insist otherwise.

"I'm going to go see him," said Justice. "He's going to tell me the same things. Focus on track. Not worry about him. But it's kind of hard. Hard to do."

Heart issues actually run in the Summerset family. One of Justice's uncles passed away from heart trouble while another had to have a heart transplant.

We're keeping Robert Summerset in our thoughts hoping for a quick recovery.

The high jump event at the NCAA Championships take place next Friday.