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City of Tucson launches Operation Splash to prepare for monsoon

(Source: Tucson Fire Dept.) (Source: Tucson Fire Dept.)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The city of Tucson Department of Transportation and fire department getting ready to kick off Operation Splash just one week ahead of the start to the monsoon, which starts on June 15.

Shawn Moore, TDOT Program Coordinator said, “We stage the barricades out at the dip crossings so that they're there and ready so we just have to drive up and set them up."

Starting Monday, June 12, the city will be on-call around the clock to put up more than 500 barricades at approximately 150 dip crossings.

The goal here is to make sure drivers don't go through flooded roads.

Capt. Andy Skaggs, spokesman for the Tucson Fire Department, said, "They're out there for a reason. They're out there for your protection. They're out there for the protection of those around you. It's just not worth the couple minutes you're going to save trying cross that wash."

The city started a pilot program to give out free sandbags last year. The city gave out close to 30,000 sandbags, leading to some heavy traffic around the distribution site at a midtown fire station.

"We've chosen a new distribution site here at the rodeo grounds just because it's a larger area that we can get people off the street, get people in a more controlled environment to where it's safe for the public and safe for our crews,”  Moore said.

This map show where you can pick up sandbags ahead of the monsoon.

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