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Homicide Survivors offer coping strategies to deal with Jayden Glomb's murder

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The recent murder of 13 year-old Jayden Glomb has devastated the Vail community. On Thursday night Tucson’s Homicide Survivors group offered parents coping strategies and ways to talk to children in the face of tragedy.

The meeting was held at 6 p.m. at Cienega High School in Vail.

"Have empathy, be supportive and know that together we’re stronger,” Vanessa Helms, Executive Director Homicide Survivors, Inc. said.

That was the message as the Homicide Survivors and the Pima County Attorney’s Office Victims Services Division offered help processing the death of Jayden Glomb.

Glomb was a seventh grader at Old Vail Middle School. Her body was found in a remote desert area last month. Her step-father is being charged with her murder.

Here’s how Helms recommends letting your child know you are there for them if they want to talk - Be aware of your child’s emotions. If they start to withdraw or act out, don’t write it off, instead talk to them about their behavior change. Helms said journaling or having your child write a letter to Jayden can be both powerful and therapeutic.

“Writing letters, drawing pictures, sometimes even poetry or creative writing can be a good outlet for kids as well to really express what it is that they’re experiencing,” Helms said.

Three therapy dogs were also on hand to help folks open-up and provide comfort.

For more information on Homicide Survivors, Inc. click here.

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