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Home remodeling businesses booming at Home Show

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Home remodeling is far outpacing the new home housing recovery in America.

A remodeling boom that started in 2014 has showed no signs of slowing down for a variety of reasons. A remodel can make a home saleable, more livable and a better asset.

That is driven in part because more baby boomers are choosing to stay put rather than sell, move, or build a new home.

This new trend is apparent just wandering around the Pima County home show at the Tucson Convention Center.

14,000 people are expected at the event this weekend and many of those are boomers looking for upgrade.

"When you remodel, you remodel the house to the way you want it to be," said Dave Chohon, as he wandered the aisles. "You don't have to spend a lot of money to buy a new home to get what you want."

His wife, Kathy, was a bit more pragmatic.

"As you get older, you look for things that are a bit easier to manage and maintain," she said.

A new bathroom with a walk-in tub is on the list of the things they are checking out at the home show.

400 vendors are hoping to catch the wave of spending on home remodels, like Jacob and Jessica Greene.

The couple started their company, Tile with Style, seven years ago on a shoestring.

"We started it with an income tax return," Greene said. "Just started it from there."

The timing was good and his experience at home remodeling before he started the business has helped.

"We have doubled our business in the past five years," he said. "We can pay our bills and put some kids through college."

Still they know remodeling is an up and down business, which is subject to whims in the economy.

"It's up right now," said Luis Urquides, a production manager for Bath Planet. "It's usually slow in the summer but this year we're busy."

He says they have work for the next ten weeks, usually the doldrums. The winters are generally busy he says.

Others are looking to remodel for financial reasons and to take care of new technology.

Dan Smith, who is selling windows, says he's signed up ten potential customers and home inspections in the first two hours.

"Just by doing some remodels you can cut that $300 dollar electric bill down to $80, $90 bucks," he said.

There are a variety of reasons why the boomers want to stay in their homes and for that reason some industry experts say they will drive the business for the next 20 to 30 years.

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