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Pima County: Winds, wildfire affecting air quality

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As if a high temperature of 116 degrees isn't enough, Pima County Department of Environmental Quality provided a few more reasons to stay inside on Tuesday, June 20.

An air quality advisory was the second one in as many days. 

Beth Gorman, with Pima DEQ, said ground-level ozone is elevated on a day like Tuesday because of the air pollutants both natural and man made. 

She said limited driving could help lessen the emissions from a car's exhaust. 

Far from Pima County is the contributing factor of wildfires. She said strong winds have blown particulates from the Frye Fire near Mount Graham and some are winding up here. 

She said some cloud cover, or better yet, some rain would alleviate the stress of these advisories on the general public. Moderate levels like Tuesday really only affect people who are sensitive to the change in air quality, but Gorman said that could be anyone. 

"Sometimes people develop sensitivities over time so it could be that maybe they're not aware that that's what's going on," she said. "If you are having trouble breathing though, you should always check with your health provider."

The department monitors air pollution with 16 air quality monitoring stations around Pima County. 

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