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Fire department award may mean lower insurance rates for Tucson residents

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By Chloe Persichetti, Tucson News Now intern
and Monica Grimaldo, Multimedia Journalist

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Tucson Fire Department was named one of the country's best fire departments after receiving high ratings from the Insurance Services Offices, and that recognition may pay off for you as well.

“This means there’s a potential that your fire tax, your fire insurance premium, will actually go down,” said Tucson Fire Chief Jim Critchley in a news conference on Wednesday, June 21. “Because we’re proving that the fire department is a top-of-the-line fire department.”

The ISO gave TFD a Class 1 rating. Most insurers across the nation look at the ISO’s public protection survey ratings to help calculate premiums for fire insurance.

“Less than one percent of all fire departments across the country hold this distinguished honor,” Critchley said. “This Class 1 rating is a direct reflection of the level of hard work and dedication shown by the men and women of this department that come to work every day delivering outstanding service to our community.”

The ISO reviews the department’s response time and equipment along with the water distribution system supplied by Tucson Water. Their rating system ranges from 10-1, with 1 being the best.

Critchley said community risk reduction programs played a big role in landing this rating.

“That's doing our fire prevention inspections, that's spending time with the community to make sure they're helping us be as successful as we are,” he said.

Tucson city voters recently approved Proposition 101, which raises taxes to resurface city streets and replace Tucson police and fire departments' aging fleets.

Tucson’s half-cent sales tax would bring in a projected $250 million over the next five years. Of the money raised, $100 million would be used to restore, repair, and resurface city streets while $150 million would be divided equally between the Tucson police and fire departments to purchase or upgrade public safety vehicles and equipment.

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“It just allows us to keep this classification up,” Critchey said.

If you live within the city limits and would like more information, call your insurance agent directly. This new change in price will affect commercial and
personal insurance.

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