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Local Syrian refugee reacts to Supreme Court travel ban ruling

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Mohammad Algasem, Syrian refugee, has anxiously waited for nearly four months for his family to join him in Tucson. 

"Your soul was suffering sometimes," Algasem said. 

In March, the family finally reunited. Tucson News Now was at the Tucson International Airport as the family was brought back together and their year and half process came to a close. 

The family arrived in Tucson just hours after President Donald Trump signed the second travel ban into effect. All breathing a sign of relief..

"Of course. I will be lucky because all of them are close to me," Algasem said. 

All five of them are getting settled in Tucson right now, starting new lives after fleeing their war torn country. 

But Algasem and his family know all too well that this latest decision by the Supreme Court leaves a lot of other refugees at a standstill.

"I'm worried for another family maybe. We have a lot of people like me waiting for his family come here."

Dr. Barbara Eiswerth, executive director the Iskashitaa Refugee Network said this temporary halt means an even longer wait for many desperate to flee their countries. 

"Any kind of a break could be the difference between life and death. Depending on where the refugees have fled to. The reason they're fleeing is because it's fear of persecution. That just put their lives in danger and can they survive with very little resources," Eiswerth said. 

She said the organization will continue to help refugees settle into Tucson. 

"It creates unknowns and fears within this community whose families some are here. Some are here. Some are In progress," said Eiswerth. "We will continue to serve refugees as best as we can, with the resources we have." 

They help between 800-1200 refugees in Tucson every year. 

Algasem said he's thankful the process to get to Tucson is over for him and his family, but hopes others just like him can continue their journey. 

"It's not too much nervous but I arrived to here so I am very glad for that, but I hope that another family come like and see the great America." 

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