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One year after destruction, midtown church 'ready' for next storm

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The destruction was demoralizing, but a midtown Tucson church persevered. 

It was one year ago this week that Covenant Generations Church's roof was torn off in a storm

With Monsoon 2017 here, it has worshipers looking to the sky and hoping for a safe season. The sense of celebratory nervousness was present at the new building on South Tucson Boulevard, north of Grant Road.

The people's spirits were revved up, as Pastor Scotty Gurule rolled into Sunday's service on a motorcycle. Services were louder than ever before, below the church roof that was once crushed by Mother Nature's might.

"How many of you are glad this storm is over?" Gurule yelled, as the 11:00 a.m. worshipers responded with cheers of joy on Sunday, July 2. This past week, the church celebrated one year's worth of construction being completed.

"Just celebrating that we're done with the outside and the inside of the building," Gurule told Tucson News Now.

Chauncey and Danica Williams were there to see it all one year ago, when the roof was in ruins.

"Total destruction. Total destruction," the couple said.

Like a bad dream, a June 26, 2016 storm destroyed the roof of their building and ruined the inside of their two-story sanctuary. The church suffered nearly half a million dollars in damage, according to Gurule. The reported microburst ripped off pieces of the building, sending them into the road and scattering the front lawn. 

Now, in July 2017, that lawn is scattered with delight. Food trucks were brought in to say 'thank you' to the neighbors that stuck around through the struggle.

"It has been awesome for the people. They've hung in there. Even the community around nearby, they've helped lend a hand with stuff going on," Gurule said.

They provided assistance to help get the church back to normal. 

But that normalcy comes with a bit of nervousness for Gurule, wondering if they'll weather the next storm that comes rolling through midtown Tucson.

"Well, they said we're ready. There's a little bit of 'huh' with a couple of the storms that creeped up a week and a half ago," Gurule said, with a slight gasp while thinking about the storm clouds. "I came straight to the property and just prayed."

Equal prayer and praise from the Williams family, who stuck around through the sweltering summer struggle. Worshipers were forced to pray in a temporary tent set up in the parking lot last summer. 

Chauncey Williams knows that he would do it all over again, if the monsoon said so.

"Nothing would change," he said. "We'd keep going on just like we did before. Put another tent out. Do whatever we've got to do. Rebuild the church bigger. It would just be better."

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