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Vatican says Holy Communion wafers must contain some gluten

(Source: Awareness Campaign) (Source: Awareness Campaign)
THE VATICAN (Tucson News Now) -

The Vatican recently caused a stir with an announcement that communion wafers, called the host, must contain some gluten.

According to a letter delivered to bishops worldwide,the reason is that church doctrine says the bread must be "purely of wheat."

"The bread used in the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharistic Sacrifice must be unleavened, purely of wheat, and recently made so that there is no danger of decomposition.  It follows therefore that bread made from another substance, even if it is grain, or if it is mixed with another substance different from wheat to such an extent that it would not commonly be considered wheat bread, does not constitute valid matter for confecting the Sacrifice and the Eucharistic Sacrament.  It is a grave abuse to introduce other substances, such as fruit or sugar or honey, into the bread for confecting the Eucharist. Hosts should obviously be made by those who are not only distinguished by their integrity, but also skilled in making them and furnished with suitable tools” (n. 48).

So what if you have to avoid gluten because of something like celiac disease? According to an NPR report there might be an option for you.

The Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have spent years creating a "low-gluten" wafer that the Vatican approves.

The wafers are made from wheat starch, and contain .001 percent gluten which is low enough for most celiac sufferers, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation.

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