AZ Department of Veterans’ Services launches Veteran Tool Kit Program

AZ Department of Veterans’ Services launches Veteran Tool Kit Program

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - This new program, Veteran Tool Kit was created by the Arizona Department of Veterans' Services, to help unemployed veterans get the supplies they need to start working.

"It could be something as simple as 'I could start work tomorrow, but I need transportation and my alternator went out. I found a place that will fix it for $500. Can you pay for that?' My answer is sure. If you're going to start work on Monday, let's make it happen," ADVS Assistant Deputy Director, John Scott said in a news release.

ADVS Director, Wanda Wright, and Scott toured the state asking veterans how they could help them become gainfully employed. Veterans repeatedly said they were ready to work, but needed things to get them there, ranging from boots and tools to bicycles. 62-percent of veterans polled said if they had this program, they would have a job immediately.

"The program isn't confined to just one industry or need. People think because it's called the toolkit, it's just for construction. If your application shows you've done the leg work looking for employment, you have a potential employer, and you just need a few things to start that job, we can help," Scott adds.

Qualifying veterans must:

  • Live in Arizona
  • Be enrolled in an Arizona Department of Economic Security employment program
  • Identify the job they need supplies for

This pilot program will offer $150,000 over the course of this fiscal year, with a limit of $750 per veteran. We will use the results from this year to determine the program's next step.

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