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Top parking perpetrator pays up after investigation

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

One of the top parking perpetrators in Tucson is paying up. 

Our Tucson News Now investigative report in May unveiled the hundreds of parking tickets that remain unpaid from the top 13 violators, totaling nearly $205,000 in fines.

According to Tucson City Court Administrator Christopher Hale, Hertz Rent A Car has paid its debt.

"I think they realized they had an obligation so they wanted to do the right thing," Hale said. "It's gratifying. It really is, when you can get the system to work. I think it was a combination of story, and them realizing what their obligation was, and us willing to work with them to make the process easy - which we're willing to do with anybody to make the process easy."

Tucson News Now first raised the conflict to Hertz's corporate office in May. In response, the legal team said, "We are currently investigating these
particular outstanding violations."

Following the initial report, the Hertz corporate office reached out to Tucson City Court in an attempt to settle the debt. Hale's staff also found more unpaid tickets tied to Hertz, adjusting the total number of cases to 152, compared to the 104 initially reported in May costing $15,829.

The case was closed and officially settled July 7, when Hale received Hertz's payment.

"We agreed upon a lump sum and it was fairly close to what they owed," Hale said, telling Tucson News Now they settled on a payment of roughly 70 percent of the total cost.

Hale said the money collected from parking violations goes to Park Tucson for use in various programs or equipment.

"It was a very easy process," Hale said. "I just wish more people would take advantage of it."

It's wishful thinking from Hale, knowing how difficult it is to track down those other 12 top parking perpetrators. 

As of Wednesday, July 12, Hale said his office, "has not been contacted by any of the other individuals, nor can they be located."

According to a public records request, the top individual offender in the city of Tucson has no accurately listed address, and has a whopping 388 unpaid parking tickets since 2011, with a price tag of more than $52,000.

"We do get a lot of returned mail every day. Those are what we call bad addresses," Hale said. "It kind of breaks my heart because that's $0.42 we spend to send a letter to somebody that comes back non-delivered."

Hale explained that his office still offers a compliance assistance program. The individual offender would have to make a "minimum good-faith down payment," and will be put on an affordable payment plan to take care of their obligation.

In Hale's mind, it's an easy fix if those parking perpetrators would simply make an effort.

"All we really want are people to recognize that they have an obligation to the court, the city, and the citizens. And then, to work to meet that obligation."

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