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Tucson Water meeting raises questions about contamination

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Getting you to know what's in your drinking water was the goal at a south side Tucson community meeting on Saturday, July 15. 

The El Pueblo Activity Center was buzzing with people looking for information. The meeting was an open house-style session with Tucson Water officials and the Environmental Protection Agency, along with Tucson Ward 5 Council Member Richard Fimbres and Vice Mayor Regina Romero.

The city officials are trying to keep the community informed about the ongoing clean-up near Tucson International Airport.

The current contaminants of concern that are most widespread at the site, according to the EPA

Linda Shoshie said she has lived on the south side of Tucson her whole life, and has been personally investigating issues with the drinking water at her home. She believes it was the cause for various birth defects and health problems in her children and relatives.

"We didn't know it was such a big problem back in the 1980s. We just know that they had found some wells within the city of Tucson water supply that had TCE, and had been found at high levels," she said.

The city of Tucson and water officials have not directly confirmed to her, nor acknowledged, that these contaminants are the cause of the various health issues in her family.

 When asked if the city is taking those necessary steps to fix the problems, Shoshie said more can be done.

"Perhaps now. Perhaps they are taking some steps, but not all steps."

Tucson Water's public information officer Fernando Molina acknowledged their intentions for participating in Saturday's open house.

"[We're] providing information on different aspects of this. We have information on the history of the groundwater contamination. But more importantly, we're trying to show people what steps have been taken to prevent the kinds of problems that came about from the initial contamination," he said.

According to information on its website, Tucson Water also discussed its state-of-the-art Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Facility and the delivery process for safe drinking water.

"That's our primary message here - that your water is safe to drink," Molina said. "We know that because Tucson Water takes actions at different levels to make sure that water is safe."

You can learn more about water conservation and future projects on the Tucson Water website

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