Maintaining The Legacy

Maintaining The Legacy
Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Legacy.

That will be a word brought up a lot now that Augie Busch has taken over the program that his father frank turned into a national power.

Arizona's new swim and dive coach was a crucial component in helping his dad build that legacy, one that led to among other things, a sweep of the men's and women's national championship in 2008. Augie, then an assistant under his dad, obviously learned a ton, but nothing more important than how to build a winning culture.

“I don't think there was any magic to it,” said Busch. It was just him holding people accountable to that ideal to that standard and never wavering from it never wavering from that principle and that expectation.”
So, what kind of conversations did Augie and frank have over this job position? Was it as simple as dad suggesting to son to take over the thrown? Well, not exactly.
“he at no point was telling me to jump on this opportunity,” said Busch. “it was about taking things, if you know my dad, it was about taking things step by step, conversation by conversation. And taking the emotion out of it is something that my dad is really good at. Just being super pragmatic and being so emotional with decision making.”
Then what was the tipping point?
“Emotion,” said Busch.

Frank Busch was not in attendance this afternoon for his son's press conference. He's in Croatia helping team USA prepare for the world championships in Budapest Hungary. But come this fall, he'll retire from the national team and return to Tucson to watch his son coach on.