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UA College of Medicine students start their journey towards their dreams

Aaron Bia (Source: Tucson News Now) Aaron Bia (Source: Tucson News Now)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Students with the University of Arizona College of Medicine's class of 2021 received their white coats Friday evening, July 21.  

The class, made up of 120 students were selected among a record breaking 7,218 applications. 

Among the students, is Aaron Bia, who received his masters degree in cellular and molecular medicine from the U of A. 

"I told my parents like I want to be a doctor at a very young age. Four of five, elementary school," Bia said. 

Bia took his first steps towards his dream Friday evening as he put on his white coat, walked across the stage at Centennial Hall.

"I feel like I've had a calling where I just love the experience of talking to patients. I really enjoy that process of the patient doctor relationship," Bia said. 

It's a passion that came from spending time with someone very special to him, his grandfather.  

"He's a traditional healer among my Navajo people," he said. 

His grandfather has dedicated the last 30 years healing others. Bia spent years by his side while growing up on tribal land. 

"He approaches patients with a very respective, holistic background. I really love that. I've helped out at a couple of ceremonies. And I've really enjoyed patient experience with him and to hear all of these stories and to hear that cultural background and that cultural significance," Bia said. 

He'll bring this cultural background and experience with him as he starts his journey alongside his peers. 

"All of us come from very diverse background. [I will] bring that perspective of my Navajo tribe and culture and to combine these with the whole medical school and the whole curriculum. I'm very excited," Bia said. 

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