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Chamblee brother talks fire and deadly deputy shooting

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A fire on Monday, July 24 destroyed a mobile of a home in Three Points. The only things that are left are the junk that surrounds the home and a few dogs. No one was injured in the fire.

The mobile home belonged to Chancy Chamblee. If the name sounds familiar, he was killed by Pima County Sheriff’s Department at midnight on Thursday, July 13.

According to investigators, Chancy’s sister Brenda Doucette called police and told them he broken into her home and that he had a gun. Deputies arrived at the scene and made contact with Chancy.

PCSD told Tucson News Now, after the initial contact Deputy Nathan MeeBoer fired a shot at Chancy killing him. Deputies would later find Brenda dead inside her home.

Randy Chamblee is the brother of both Brenda and Chancy, he saw the fire at his brother’s house on Monday. He said the flames were at least 50 feet high. Randy was worried, because there was ammo and propane tanks inside or near the mobile home.

He also spoke to us about the deadly deputy involved shooting, where his brother was killed a couple of weeks ago. He told us, on the morning of July 13, he too called deputies to his home, because Chancy had broken into his home and was inside with a machete and a gun.

The deputies arrived and somehow Randy got out of the home safe. According to Randy, the deputies never arrested his brother, they left both of them at the house, and now he feels like PCSD did not handle the situation correctly.

He said his brother, Chancy, had a list of people in his phone that he wanted to kill, including Randy and their sister Brenda. He tried to get Chancy help, but his brother never would accept it.

Now, Randy is dealing with the loss of his brother, sister, and mother.

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