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TUSD responds to first-day-of-school bus issues

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Last week, Tucson News Now reported about a 4th grader from Cragin Elementary School who was dropped off at Mansfield Park and not at his bus stop.

Both mother and son came to us looking for answers on how Tucson Unified School District could let something like that happen.

On Monday, Aug. 7, we got the answer from TUSD Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo at TUSD headquarters on East 10th Street.

Tucson News Now learned that there was a second incident involving the same bus driver on the first day of school. There may have been some kind of confrontation between the bus driver and a parent. 

Since there were two separate incidents involving this bus driver, TUSD said the driver was removed from the route.

A more experienced driver has been placed on the route. In addition, the district has also had a route supervisor and a school safety officer helping at the bus stops and along the route.

Trujillo said what went wrong last Thursday was a communications issue.

He tells us radio communications with bus drivers went out during a monsoon storm. This caused a problem for drivers not being able to communicate to get around the route, possibly leading drivers to get lost and not knowing their way around their routes.

Trujillo also apologized to the families for the incident and promised that the transportation department will work hard so no other parent has a similar experience.

Moving forward, TUSD said it plans to have back-up radio communications for cases like this. Plus the district will work with bus drivers so they know their routes before school starts, and the first day of school doesn't turn into a practice run.

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