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VIDEO: 7-year-old Ohio boy dragged by foot through school office by teacher

(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)

A school security video from an Ohio school shows a teacher and teacher’s aide dragging a 7-year-old autistic boy, Corbin, through the hallway at school and into the school’s office.

CNN is reporting the incident happened in May in Crestline, OH, near Upper Sandusky.

Corbin's mother, Bonnie McKean, was shocked by the video, which she posted on her Facebook account on Wednesday.

She says the boy can have outbursts if he is hungry or tired especially when taken out of his routine.

Although Corbin’s teacher and teacher’s aide are trained in de-escalation techniques that are specific to him, the video shows the woman pick the boy up and then drag him by the foot into the office as he struggles with them.

The school’s superintendent was also shocked.

“Carrying a child by their hands and legs, that’s not appropriate. Dragging a child, that’s not appropriate,” said Crestline Superintendent Noreen Mullins.

The teacher and aide were put on paid leave but Corbin’s mother wants them to be charged criminally.

Corbin was not injured in the incident but the teacher’s aide did get a black eye.

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