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Police investigating local mobile car repair scam

Victims of a mobile car repair scam. (Source: Tucson News Now) Victims of a mobile car repair scam. (Source: Tucson News Now)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Police are investigating a local mobile mechanic, who is allegedly operating under a fake business license. Multiple people have come forward to say he's ripped them off.

"Definitely a scam artist,” Tammy Mercado said.

Mercado's daughter was having car trouble. So she called Weaver's Mobile Mechanic LLC. She said when Chantland Weaver looked over the car and asked for $700 to get the parts, she didn't hesitate to hand it over.

"He needed the money up-front so he could go buy parts, and I understand with (him) being a mobile mechanic, and we had done that in the past, and it had worked out great,” Mercado said.

But as the days stretched on, Mercado said he never showed up to fix the car and started making up excuses.

"The next day he was like, I'm stuck at work,” said Mercado, then she realized that he wasn't going to come back. "Probably about five days in, and then I started asking for my money back."

She got no return call and no money back.

Mike Motzkin, Owner of Pioneer Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, shelled out more than $8,000 dollars to Weaver under the agreement he would rebuild a diesel motor.

“A lot of hard-earned money and for someone like that to just take it - it's a wrong thing to do,” Motzkin said.

In a photo from Yelp, (https://www.yelp.com/biz/weavers-mobile-mechanic-tucson-2) Weaver is wearing a shirt with his company logo with an LLC on it, but when Tucson News Now showed the photo to the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona - they said the LLC is a fraud.

(Photo source: Yelp)

"He doesn't have a license with the Arizona Corporate Commission. We also confirmed with the city of Tucson he does not have a license on file,” said Susann Miller, Director of Communication and Consumer Affairs for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona.

Tucson News Now wanted to ask Weaver a few questions. When we called his phone this message came on: "At the subscribers request this phone does
not accept incoming calls."

We tried calling him three times and also stopped by an address listed for him, but no answer.

As for Motzkin and Mercado, they just want their money back and are worried others may fall victim.

“I think he needs to be arrested and brought to justice for it,” Mercado said.

Tucson News Now found through the Department of Corrections that Weaver has done prison time in the past for trafficking stolen property. 

We spoke with Oro Valley Police, and detectives have opened up an investigation into this. The victims have also filed complaints with the Attorney General's Office. 

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