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Impact of Trump rally on Arizona's agenda

David Eppihimer (Source: KOLD News 13) David Eppihimer (Source: KOLD News 13)
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

As thousands crowd the Phoenix Convention Center for President Donald Trump's rally on Tuesday, Aug. 22, there's a lot left to do on the Trump administration's Arizona-specific agenda.  

That includes things like immigration, health care and infrastructure. Political leaders on both sides of the aisle said the rally's message is critical to Arizona's to-do list.

David Eppihimer is the Pima County Republican Chairman.  He said President Trump's speech on the new Afghanistan war strategy turned the page.

"I thought it was great, I thought it was very presidential," he said.

He said the president won't double-down on that tone, but instead, go back to the off-the-cuff style we saw during the campaign.

"He's talking to his base," Eppihimer said.

He said no matter the tone, Trump needs to focus on the agenda, and not make many controversial statements.

"It's absolutely important.  I think any president, especially this president has got to stay focused on what got him elected, focus on agenda items and follow-through," he said.

Jo Holt, co-chair of the Pima County Democratic Party, called the difference between a somber, presidential Trump and the off-the-cuff Trump is "stark."

"I think the TelePrompTer-reading President Trump is a facade," she said.

She said that's very troubling.

"There's no credibility there," she said.

Tuesday night, as crowds gather in Phoenix, people across southern Arizona will watch to see which President Trump shows up, and if the Arizona agenda suffers or benefits from it.

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