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Mayor Rothschild looking for a few good men

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild launched a campaign called Mentor Tucson Youth this week.

He is asking for mentors to donate their time to help a young person through different situations.

The focus is to get more men involved, especially men with diverse backgrounds, but he said if you have some free time and are open to changing a life, sign up.

“My philosophy is one heart, one mind at a time and this is one heart, one mind at a time, but if you do it in a larger number it is all of a sudden 500 hearts at a time, 500 minds at a time,” he said.

Two of these minds and hearts that have been affected are those of Justin Bentley and Jermaine Seifert. They have been part of the Big Brother Big Sisters program for eight years.

They do everything together from going out to eat, playing video games, and even preparing Seifert for college.

Both said  this is an experience that has forever changed their lives.

“I did not think I would meet anyone better but I met him and he's the best thing to ever happen in my life,” said 14-year-old Seifert.

Rothschild said it is this type of bond he is looking to make throughout Tucson.

“After a few years of being with Jermaine, I want to see him through the rest of his life, when I’m on my death bed J-man will show up and he’ll be there for me,” said Seifert’s “Big Brother,” Bentley.

Rohschild said those mentorships not only have a positive effect on the people involved but the whole city.

If you are interested in being a mentor click here.

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