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Casa de los Niños closing crisis shelter

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Casa de los Niños crisis shelter, which has helped thousands of children in Tucson, will close for good in the fall.

The shelter currently has two children. The group says it is a big change from a few years back, when it was taking in 30 children a month.

The nonprofit told Tucson News Now that it is transitioning to helping families with in-home care.

Susie Huhn is the CEO of Casa de los Niños. She says this is a bittersweet goodbye. But they will continue to help children.

"Am I behind the idea of closing shelter? Yes, I do not think congregate care is the best way to care for very young children,” Huhn said. 

One of the employees of the shelter understands, but isn’t happy with the closure.

Shawntay Putnam works at the shelter, however, she spent time there as a baby and as a school-aged child. “We've helped thousands of kids and it’s appalling that the shelter is closing.”

Huhn said they will try to transition some of the employees to new jobs, but they know some will lose their jobs. They’re reaching out to those folks to help them with other job opportunities.

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