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Distressing situation for dogs in an east-side home

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Tucson News Now is looking into a case of questionable dog ownership. 

Mike Winberry, a resident of an east-side neighborhood said several dogs in a home are living in filthy conditions. 

"They're in this non-air conditioned house. It's 102, 103 degree heat. It's hot and they're suffering," said Winberry. "These dogs have basically been abandoned. They're living in their own filth. And their own filth is in this neighborhood right now."

Winberry and other neighbors have taken it upon themselves give the dogs water and food the past couple of weeks. He has even cleaned up a bathtub full of rotten food. 

"There was a good 50 pound bag of dog food dumped into it and it rained. Then it got wet. So the flies laid eggs," said Winberry. "So I got a shovel and bag and I cleaned it up."

As for the tenants, neighbors say they only come around every few days. 

"The tenant doesn't live here. The house is still empty," said a neighbor. 

No one answered the door when we knocked, and calls to the property manager went unanswered.   

Neighbors called Pima Animal Care Center several times, and they finally sent someone out to investigate.

We spoke with PACC to find out why the dogs are still in the house, in basically unlivable conditions. 

"We posted a notice on their property, and when that notice went unresponded to, we sent one of our investigators who followed up, impounded the dogs under the concern that they may have been abandoned" said Adam Ricci, PACC Field Services Manager. 

However, the investigator saw the dogs had access to food, water, shelter and they appeared to be healthy, so the dogs were released back to the owner when they came by two days later. 

And while the kindness of neighbors may have helped the dogs, PACC says unfortunately it can sometimes hurt their work.

"It's beneficial to have that level of support but sometimes it hinders us and our investigation," said Ricci. 

With the dogs back in the same filthy conditions, neighbors say they're left with no answers. 

"It's disheartening to treat dogs like that," said a concerned resident. 

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