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Simulator helping train doctors and nurses at TMC

Nurses, doctors at TMC training with robot. (Source: Tucson News Now) Nurses, doctors at TMC training with robot. (Source: Tucson News Now)
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It looks like a labor and delivery room. It also sounds like one. Everything is real accept for one thing -- Lacie, she is a patient care simulator being used in the labor and delivery section at Tucson Medical Center.
This robot, can talk, move, give birth and hemorrhage. The doctors and nurses that Tucson News Now spoke to said this robot is very close to working with a real patient.

TMC told us, they are the only hospital in the state to have this type of simulator dedicated to the unit in the hospital.

Stacie Wood is a Nurse Clinical Educator at TMC, “We feel that every mother should have the best child birth she can by educating our employees.”
Right now, TMC is working on the training program for the hospital. The plan is to have employees from Labor and Delivery, Mother Baby and Women’s Care to train with Lacie quarterly. They can also use the simulator to train young doctors and nurses. Also, the hospital can use this type of technology to re-evaluate things. Procedures from the past, to figure out works and what didn’t work.

“Basically she helps us train, so that there’s no question,” Dr. Erica Heitmann said. 

The training exercise today, a mother dealing with postpartum hemorrhaging. This happens after birth, the doctors at TMC told us what is normal for a mother to lose, is between 200 to 300 ML of blood. Abnormal for a women is losing more 500 ML of blood. For a woman having a C-section, abnormal is more than 1,000 ML of blood.

Wood saw the need for this type of technology at TMC. So she reached out to the folks at Air Methods. They had one, that they would bring to TMC for the nurses and doctors. She wrote up a grant to the TMC Foundation and they were able to get Lacie.

TMC is hoping, that Lacie will help doctors train for all types of labor and delivery emergency situations.

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