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Local group helps pets affected by Harvey, brings 13 dogs to Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A group is back in Tucson after spending some time in Texas helping pets affected by Harvey.

They dropped off items that charities like Cody’s Friends collected from the community.

But they did not come back empty handed. Megan Rombalski and her team brought back 13 dogs from Texas.

Eight dogs are at the Southern Arizona Humane Society. Rombalski said they are doing well. One was given to a veteran and the other four have some medical issues so she and several others who made the trip are fostering them.

She said the shelters in Texas were overcrowded with dogs and she knew she could lighten the load for them by bringing some back to Tucson.

They picked up all these dogs all after stopping in cities like Katy and Beaumont. These are areas not necessarily hit by Harvey but evacuation centers there needed some help.

Rombalski said the people in Texas and even the shelters were very grateful for everything they dropped off.

“They were not expecting us at all and we were going down these side streets and you can see people outside and we would ask do you guys need food, do you need water anything for pets and we would just drop off whole bags of animal food and water,” she said.

She adds it was sad to see some of these animals in such horrible conditions.

“The rescue animals, a lot of them, had what you call river rot,” she said. “Their skin starts to come off and you will see it in a lot of the horses and the livestock that was sitting in water in their enclosures.”

Rombalski and others said they have plans to go back to Texas to help more animals since it will be a long road to recovery for them.

And after that, she thinks she'll head east to help the pets in areas affected by Irma.

To help with local relief effort for pets affected by these disasters visit the Cody's Friends website here.

You can also follow Megan Rombalski on Facebook to get updates on the conditions of the dogs they brought back from Texas.

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