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Teachers offer tips to stay healthy during flu season

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Health officials are seeing an early start to flu season.

At the University of Arizona, healthcare professionals have already seen 37 cases of confirmed flu.

Usually there aren’t that many flu cases until late October.

One of the groups that’s most vulnerable to the flu is young kids.

Two kindergarten teachers shared how they stay healthy during the flu season and what they tell their students.

They said the key to not getting sick is washing your hands.

“It think soap and water is the best we also learned very recently to cough into our elbow,” said Caryn Tate, kindergarten teacher
at Harelson Elementary School. “We learned that when we cough or sneeze into our hands we put the germs into our hands and we spread them.”

Kindergarten teacher Susan Zeeb said it is those same tips that kept her healthy for years.

“We encourage hand sanitizer, washing their hands frequently and just not coming to school when they have a fever,” she said.

Zeeb said it is impossible to stop the spread of all germs since students share books, pencils, paint brushes, and other classroom supplies, but hand washing can help.

Both teacher said they have definitely seen their fair share of students who have come to school looking unwell.

Tate even said she has had a student with a fever. It’s one of the first symptoms of the flu.

“It’s hard I know for parents that work to keep kids at home but to keep them from spreading here in the classroom it is best,” she said. “When you see those symptoms, to keep kids at home, especially fever. Don’t give them medicine and send them to school.”

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