KOLD Investigates: Protecting you at the pump

KOLD Investigates: Protecting you at the pump

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - When you stop and pump gas, do you know if the pump you're using is safe and accurate?

In a KOLD News 13 Investigation - we looked into how often pumps are inspected in Arizona, how your information is protected, and how you get every drop of gas you pay for.

"There's quite a bit to check," said Kade Crevison, an investigator with the Arizona Department of Agriculture.

He, like every other investigator in the state, spends as long as 30 minutes inspecting a pump. They look for card skimmers, make sure the nozzles work correctly, and ensure you get five gallons of gas, if that's what you pump.

"We try to get as much done as possible," he says. Investigators try to get to pumps every few years. We learned Arizona law requires investigators to check pumps randomly, and when someone files a complaint. There's no law mandating how frequently pumps need to be opened up and looked at.

"It's a huge job and to go to every single station on a regular basis would almost be impossible when I have three employees in Tucson," said Damien DeSantiago. He's the state's Director of Fuel Inspection.

He says since there's no law, it's best to let the clerk at the gas station know if you feel like there's an issue. An investigator will then come out to see if there's something wrong with the pump.

There were no issues on our inspection at QuikTrip with Crevison.  We reached out to QuikTrip to see what they do to keep card information secure. Mike Thornbrugh says "QuikTrip's PumpShield program is our latest technological tool that addresses potential skimming. Without giving our blue print, anytime there is unauthorized entry into the pumps, alarms immediately notify our security at a central location."

If you have a complaint with a pump, you can let the Arizona Department of Agriculture know by clicking here.

You can also look at how your favorite gas station has done on past inspections by clicking here.

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