Grades released for TUSD schools

Grades released for TUSD schools

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Arizona State Board of Education just released the latest A-F Accountability System test results for Tucson's largest school district.

It shows how TUSD schools stack up on an A to F grade scale.

Of the 81 schools that were graded:

  • 7 received an "A"
  • 17 received a "B"
  • 31 received a "C”
  • 18 received a "D”
  • 8 scored an "F"

Overall, TUSD earned a C average or a 2.0 GPA.

The majority of the D and F schools were in the K though 8 range.

A score was not available for Mary Meredith K-12 School.

By this time next year, TUSD Superintendent, Dr. Gabriel Trujillo, said he is determined to bring the more than two dozen schools that received Ds and Fs on the report, up to a passing grade.
"I mean wow," parent, Chrystal Rodriguez said, after Tucson News Now showed her that her son's school, Drachman K-6, just received an "F" from the ArizonaState Board of Education.
"That's disappointing because you have high expectations of the school that your child goes to and to see from an A to an F – that's concerning as a parent," Rodriguez said.
Tucson News Now received a similar response from parents at Palo Verde High Magnet School – which received a "D".
"It is disappointing. We've been through special education with one child and general ed with another. I have nothing but good things to say about Palo Verde," parent, Cydne Killebrew said.
TUSD Superintendent Trujillo said the majority of the A through F system is based on the each school's AZ Merit test scores – as well as proficiency in English language arts, math and science. Trujillo says the most pointed area of concern is TUSD middle schools – as half of them received a D or an F.
"We have four middle schools that have received the grade of an F. Emphasizing what we knew when the AZ Merit scores came out and noted really, really low scores in 6,7,8th grade math and English language arts," Trujillo said.
Trujillo also said high teacher turnover rates and high poverty levels play a role in low-scoring schools. He's determined to get more qualified teachers in the classrooms and to ensure students know the criteria to be prepared for the next round of testing this spring. As for Rodriguez, she has faith the district will work to improve her son's school.

"If they're looking to make change and fix this, then I'm all for it,"  Rodriguez said.

This is the first release since 2014, when the Arizona Board of Education halted the A-F grading as it switched from AIMS testing to the AzMERIT. You can read more about the new grading system HERE.

Grades for Sunnyside, VailAmphi, Marana schools have been released. Grades for other southern Arizona schools will be available Monday, Oct. 9. Scoring for alternative and online schools is scheduled to be released in January 2018.

Check out how each district and school performed in state testing HERE.


  • Collier Elementary
  • Fruchthendler Elementary
  • Gale Elementary
  • Sam Hughes Elementary
  • Soleng Tom Elementary
  • University High
  • Van Buskirk Elementary


  • Annie Kellond Elementary
  • Bonillas Elementary Basic Curriculum Magnet
  • Carrillo Intermediate Magnet
  • Davis Bilingual Magnet
  • Dunham Elementary
  • Ida Flood Dodge Traditional Middle Magnet
  • John B Wright Elementary
  • Laura N. Banks Elementary
  • Lineweaver Elementary
  • Mansfeld Middle
  • Miles-Exploratory Learning Center
  • Robins Elementary
  • Robison Elementary
  • Sabino High
  • Sahuaro High
  • Tolson Elementary
  • W Arthur Sewel Elementary


  • Alice Vail Middle
  • Anna Henry Elementary
  • Blenman Elementary
  • Borman Elementary
  • Borton Primary Magnet
  • C.E. Rose Elementary
  • Cragin Elementary
  • Doolen Middle
  • Frances J Warren Elementary
  • Gridley Middle
  • Harold Steele Elementary
  • Henry Hank Oyama
  • Holladay Intermediate Magnet
  • Hollinger K-8
  • Howell Peter Elementary
  • John E White Elementary
  • Lynn Urquides
  • Manzo Elementary
  • Marshall Elementary
  • McCorkle PK-8
  • Miller Elementary
  • Mission View Elementary
  • Morgan Maxwell
  • Pueblo Gardens Elementary
  • Pueblo High Magnet
  • Rincon High
  • Tucson Magnet High
  • Tully Elementary Accelerated Magnet
  • Vesey Elementary
  • W.V. Whitmore Elementary
  • Wheeler Elementary


  • Bloom Elementary
  • Booth-Fickett Math/Science Magnet
  • Catalina High Magnet
  • Cholla High Magnet
  • Davidson Elementary
  • Dietz K-8 School
  • Ford Elementary
  • Hudlow Elementary
  • Irene Erickson Elementary
  • Magee Middle
  • Myers-Ganoung Elementary
  • Palo Verde High Magnet
  • Raul Grijalva Elementary
  • Roberts Naylor
  • Roskruge Bilingual Magnet Middle
  • Safford Engineering/Technology Magnet Middle
  • Santa Rita High
  • Utterback Middle


  • Anna Lawrence Intermediate
  • Cavett Elementary
  • Drachman Primary Magnet
  • Maldonado Amelia Elementary
  • Ochoa Elementary
  • Pistor Middle
  • Secrist Middle
  • Valencia Middle

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