Rancher talks concerns along the border

Rancher talks concerns along the border

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It's another day on the ranch for Ron Fish, a cattle rancher along the Arizona - Mexico border for nearly 30 years.

Fish has about 1,800 acres of land east of the City of Nogales. Most of that land backs up against the border fence.

Tucson News Now spoke with Fish to get his take on the situation along the border.

According to Fish, he hardly ever sees any illegal activity on his property. He feels that most of the people are trying to get across the border fast and then take off.

There were issues back when they didn't have such a tall wall along the border. Fish tells us, it used to be wide open and there were people going back and forth on foot and by vehicle. However, the fence has made a difference for him and his ranch.

His concern now is dealing with flooding. When it floods in Mexico, there is a ton of debris that comes across to the U.S. side. That has caused erosion and damage to Fish's fences. That is one of the issues he would bring up with the new Tucson Sector Chief.

Fish said ranchers west of the City of Nogales have whole other set of problems. They have to deal with people crossing illegally and drug smugglers.

Tucson News Now will be talking to the new Tucson Sector Chief of Border Protection, Rodolfo Karisch, on Wednesday, Oct. 4. He just recently became chief of the Tucson Sector.

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