Cochise Co. Sheriff's Office warns residents about continuing phone scams

Cochise Co. Sheriff's Office warns residents about continuing phone scams

COCHISE COUNTY, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Phone scams are again making the rounds in Cochise County, according to the Cochise County Sheriff's Office.  Several residents have reported being victimized, costing them several thousand dollars.

According to CCSO the latest scam has targeted several victims, who reported the suspect has called the victim and claimed to work for Sulpher Springs Valley Electric Cooperative (SSVEC), telling them that service personnel are heading to the home or property to disconnect the power for non-payment.  The suspect then tells the victim that the disconnect won't happen if they pay the outstanding balance on the bill.  The victim is then given a 1-866 number to speak with a "supervisor", and pay the bill.

Once the victim calls this number, they are told the company does not accept debit/credit cards, so the victim will have to pay via a Money Pak card from Walgreens. Once they obtain the card, the victim is told to call the "supervisor" back with the information.

The most recent victim reported losing $498.13.

SSVEC advised that they have two telephone numbers that people should call before getting any Money Pak to pay a bill: During office hours please call 520-458-4691 and non-office hours at 1-800-422-3275, according to a CCSO release.

The second scam involves someone calling and pretending to be a police officer or sheriff's deputy with a warrant for the victims' "arrest". The man calling is using multiple names of real officers of local law enforcement agencies, and sometimes has a telephone number that is spoofed from the real law enforcement telephone numbers as well.

The suspect is insistent that an arrest of the victim is imminent if there is not a payment made for a warrant.

The most recent report confirms that the victim lost $2,000 in this scam.

Although some of these victims are older and may not understand that the callers are criminals, these criminals are experts in deception and speech patterns which makes the victim believe their authenticity.

Victims are urged to call the CCSO or a local law enforcement agency if they receive calls of this type.

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