Fall fire dangers

Fall fire dangers

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - For Rural/Metro firefighter Cliff Maloy, the fires raging in California are not a new sight for him.

Maloy is a task force leader with the wildland division, who has witnessed first hand how fast these types of fires can move.

"We were doing 50 to 60 miles an hour in our fire truck and the fire was moving as fast as we were," said Maloy.

Although it has rained in Pima County in the last month, the brush is still dry to the touch, breaking at the slightest pressure. This means it will easily catch fire.

"You just flick 10 lit matches in there and this probably 80 percent probability of ignition 8 of those 10 will catch and sustain fire," according to Maloy.

One thing homeowners need to know is to follow any pre-evacuation order from fire and law enforcement officials, because most of the time, when it is time to evacuate a home there is only minutes to spare.

Maloy recommends that residents take the bare minimum when they evacuate, though many do not follow that advise.

"I have seen people try to move like they're moving and you don't have time," said Maloy.

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