Local food delivery services battle with Uber Eats

Local food delivery services battle with Uber Eats

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It has been nearly three months since Uber Eats started delivering to people in Tucson and local food delivery companies are starting to feel the impact.

Founder of Tucson2Go, Larry Neibauer, said he hopes his personalized touch on food delivery helps him stand out from the competition.

"You just have to out perform," he said. "We competed in Chicago, we competed with Grub Hub for years. We should have gotten beat up but we never did."

Neibauer comes from Chicago and rebranded his business as Tucson2Go about a year ago. He now works with about two dozen local and chain restaurants.

He said it has been tough, and he says it just got tougher with Uber Eats in the picture.

"We haven't felt an impact yet, we imagine we will at some point as they sign more restaurants and type of thing, but it is not the same thing," he said.

Not the same thing because he said his business is not solely based on technology. He added there is the human interaction aspect, which he hopes makes people use his service again.

"So it gives us an opportunity to establish relationships which you can't do with most of the people already here in Tucson so I think that's huge," he said.

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