Tucson's impact on Dead Sea Scrolls

Tucson's impact on Dead Sea Scrolls

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - University of Arizona professor uncovers the answers to a mystery that is thousands of years old.

Back in 1994, UA Professor Tim Jull got a sample of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and he has been working more than 20 years to find out how old it really is.

After putting the piece, that is smaller than a dime, into a machine at the U of A, he found out the scrolls are actually as old as everybody thought. They pre-date to the Christian era,  around 150-B-C.

"To see an actual artifact now it's place in Jerusalem. They are going to have some fragments of it in the bible museum in Washington, we are the closest that we were to the temple in Jerusalem and that's something personally very exciting to me," said Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin of Chabad Tucson

"I enjoyed seeing that something actually came out to be what is suppostd to be," said Jull. "We date lots of things more recent than somebody wants it to be, then we have to explain that. So in this case everything was right."

Rabbi Ceitlin will be presenting the findings to the public next Wednesday, Nov. 1 at the Jewish Community Center at 3800 East River Road, near Alvernon.

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