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THINK ABOUT IT EDITORIAL: Viewer feedback - Governor’s Aide Pay vs Teacher pay

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is commentary by Joe Hengemuehler, Vice President and General Manager of KOLD News 13. Viewers with responsible opposing views are welcome to respond by clicking HERE.

My most recent commentary raised some passion among many of you.

Earlier this week I said that it pays to work for Governor Ducey, but it doesn't pay to be a teacher.  All based on a report the governor gave his staff raises of up to 20 percent while only giving a one percent raise to Arizona's teachers this year.  

David Leonard wrote:
"Why do you think our Governor will care about our teachers? Today it seems the only concern of our leaders is self interests and not the welfare of it's citizens."

Then there’s this from Penni Jones:
"Our kids already have some of the lowest testing scores in the nation so I don't understand a Governor that would be proud of that fact! I don't understand a Governor that doesn't want to change that fact and work on making his/her state the best in the nation!" 

Thanks David and Penni and others who sounded off. What other topics raise your passions? Let me know!

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