Mesh added to border fence

Mesh added to border fence

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) - More security measures are popping up at the Nogales/Mexico border.

On Wednesday, Nov. 1, Nogales Border Patrol Station Agents put up a nearly 100-foot long piece of steel mesh on the border wall. The newest addition to the wall put up to keep people from trafficking.

Another section was done earlier this year. 

Tucson Sector Public Affairs Office released this statement to Tucson News Now:

"Nogales Border Patrol Station Agents have recently continued the process of adding expanded steel mesh panels to the International Border Fence (IBF) in the area of West International Avenue in Nogales Arizona.
This installation continues our previous work of providing a deterrent for possible smuggling in vulnerable areas. The most recent iteration of the mesh is approximately 700 feet in length and will be completed within a few weeks allowing our agents to provide greater level of safety to the Border Communities we serve."

Nogales natives are "on the fence" about whether it will actually deter crime.

"It will cost a lot of money and we are in a deficit as it is," said Irma Bachelier, a Nogales local.

Her sister, Irene Molera said, "It's just sad. Not only what's going on at the wall here, but all over the world."

Larry Swanson, a retired U.S. Customs Supervisor, said "Whenever there is an opportunity where smugglers can smuggle stuff in, they will take advantage."

This section of the fence is a popular meeting spot for families on both the US and Mexico side because the bars are just wide enough to hold hands.

In a few weeks, after 700 feet of new fence goes up, people will only be able to touch fingertips.

"They can't even touch each other," said Molera. "They can't even see each other you know?"

Swanson said, "That ability, that opportunity, to stand there face-to-face…they don't see it as a priority."

Officials with the Tucson Sector Public Affairs Office did not give us a deadline on when the mesh fence project will be done.

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