10 years of Tucson Comic-Con

10 years of Tucson Comic-Con

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - It didn't always used to be thousands of people and big time celebrities at Tucson Comic-Con.

Year one of the convention, it was free to get in. It was also very small, about 500 people showed up for the 1-day event and it only took a few hours to set up.

"We were in the ballroom of a Sheraton Hotel on Speedway and Campbell, that's now a Loft," said Teresita Olivaries. "Tiny, carpet flooring, very old fashioned."

Teresita Olivaries is the wife of Mike Olivaries, the man who had the vision of Tucson Comic-Con in 2007.  Back then they planned the first convention in just three months.

"I was hoping for the best. I was super excited, yes a small part of me was like three months? Are you sure you want to do it in November? Why don't we wait, but it worked out," said Teresita. "The community embraced it. It was awesome."

The love from the community has allowed the event to grow in leaps and bounds. A lot has changed in those ten years. They have moved to a bigger location, the Tucson Convention Center, in 2011.

Even the size and attendance at the event has increased. In 2016, Comic-Con took place over three days and attendance was at more than 12,000 people.

"Mike didn't want to charge," said Teresita. "If it would have been up to him and he could have funded it himself, he would have. When we moved here, that's when it was legit."

From a ballroom to a whole convention center.

What does the future hold for Tucson Comic-Con?

"I don't want it to stop. I want it to just keep going because it's fun. We love it!" said Teresita.

More on Tucson Comic-Con here: http://www.tucsoncomic-con.com/

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