More celebs, exhibitors and tighter security at Tucson Comic-Con

More celebs, exhibitors and tighter security at Tucson Comic-Con

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - From more celebrities to more exhibitors, people going to Tucson Comic-Con will see many changes as the annual event gets underway at the Tucson Convention Center.

The first show only saw a few hundred people, but now, in its 10th year, organizers are expecting 15,000 people over the three-day weekend. More people means tighter security.

Brian Pulido, co-owner of Tucson Comic-Con, said they revised and updated policies on costume props since last year.

Security and staff will be on hand to examine costumes to make sure they follow the new rules. Pulido said they also increased the amount of security and hired more law enforcement officers.

He said upping security is a priority and necessary as the event grows, year after year.

Recently, the Comic-Con convention in Phoenix, had a security slip where a man allegedly got past security with four guns and a knife.

The incident prompted organizers of that convention to ban all fake weapons for the rest of the weekend.

Pulido said they are trying to learn from what happened in Phoenix. All props will be looked at and tagged to make sure they are fake. Organizers also updated their baggage policy.

"We do a thing called Peace Bond. A member of our staff along with security will actually review the costume for safety for our attendees. And once they are passed they're given a cord. There are certain items that aren't allowed, but by and large, most things that people wear as part of a costume, they're allowed to bring it," said Pulido.

He said the ultimate goal is to have fun while staying safe. Click here for the baggage policy or here for the costumes, props, and weapons policy.

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