Bump stock hype dies down for now

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Immediately following the Las Vegas massacre, gun shops across the country saw the demand for bump-fire-stocks sky rocket.

Investigators believe the shooter used the device to modify his weapon during the shooting. Experts say the accessory essentially turns a semi-automatic rifle into a simulated fully automatic weapon. It's capable of firing 100 rounds in 7 seconds.

Some lawmakers wanted to ban bump stocks. In Tucson, city council passed a symbolic resolution against the device.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer, SlideFire, has struggled to keep up with demand. Monday morning, an error message appeared on the company's website again, saying orders were on hold.

Wayne Semenko runs a gun shop on the southside called SNG Tactical. He doesn't sell the device, but said right after the shooting he was getting 80 to 90 calls per day.

Now, five weeks later, he's seeing much fewer calls, about one to two per day. He thinks that could be because people who wanted them already have them.

The national debate on the bump stocks remains uncertain. But, Semenko, said he thinks the outcome of the debate will determine the demand for the device.

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